esimtogo Exchange

Transfer a physical SIM or esimtogo on your current iPhone to an esimtogo on your new iPhone after setup

1- On your new iPhone, go to Settings > Mobile Data > Add Data Plan.

2-Tap Convert Mobile Data Plan.

3- Tap Convert to esimtogo.

4- Tap OK on the alert that says you must approve the transfer on your previous iPhone.

5- On your previous iPhone, tap Transfer.

6- Wait for the mobile data plan to activate on your new iPhone. Your previous SIM card will be deactivated when the mobile data plan on your new iPhone is activated.

7- If a banner appears on your new iPhone that says Finish Setting Up Your Network Provider's Data Plan, tap it.

8- Tap Continue. You will be redirected to your network provider's web page to transfer your esimtogo. If you need help, contact your network provider.

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An eSimtogo is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier. Contact your carrier for more information.

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